Saturday, January 5, 2013

And Today is the New Beginning!!

 Well yesterday started off with a Bang!!  First thing in the morning, we got up and got on the scale, took our before pics and made our first juice and did some excercise.

So for starters, you can see, neither one of us look happy at taking the pictures.   Athena is starting out at 57.8lbs and by her height, that puts her at 19.2 BMI.  I will not bore you with the measurements, but as we loose I will let you know how many we loose total.

As for me I am at 211.6lbs and my BMI is 35.8, so yeah thats really bad.  I look pregnant in the pics, I am actually really discussed with myself after seeing the pics.

Since we were just starting off yesterday, I let Athena pick the first juice we got to try, she of course picked the Shrek Juice.  And actually it was really good.  Had some kale, lemon, apple, carrots and spinach in it.  If you want recipes for what we try let me know and I
will post them.
 We then got on the the machines.  Athena did 10 mins on the eliptical, while I did a little over a half a mile on the treadmill.  Then we both did 25 sit-ups each.  Then she got on the treadmill for 8 min and I got on the eliptical for 3, yeah I know I suck, I forgot about stretching, and didn't think about my knee braces and by the time I got on there I was hurting already. Not bad for our first day, at least I think!

Then lunch was coming closer, Athena kept saying, I am hungry, what are we gonna eat, my belly hurts,  That monster came out going "FEED ME MOM"...LOL   So I gave in, instead of doing juice for lunch like I wanted to do, we had a single serving of Fat Free cottage cheese and a cup of Fat Free Jello.  When dinner came around, I had already planned on us having salad, Taco salad to be exact, but for us, I boiled up some chicken, grinded it up and added the taco seasoning to that for our salad and made the bowl out of the small whole wheat tortilla shells.  

 I broke a bit last night, yes I know I am bad, I had a coke late last night, my head was pounding.  At least it was only one compared to my 3-6 a day.  I have tried cold turkey before, it is very hard for me. Coke to me is like Coffee to others.  But my head was pounding and its hard to go cold turkey, especially when your hubby keeps it around for his one a day to keep his migraines away.

I was really tired last night, sign of most of the day without caffeine.  The cheap juice made by TRU that I got at Walmart on sale over the holiday, worked great, glad I didn't spend a lot on one for now.  Sleep was a little rough, still tossing and turning, not sure if that will ever go away.

Today, We had the Digestive detox drink out of the juicer book, beets, carrots, celery, apple and lemon.  Ok, I will not lie, it does have  very over bearing beet taste, little dirty tasting like some said online, I did wash them before putting them in the juicer but it was still there.
Other than that, it was good, the lemon and apple taste helped alot.  Athena didn't finish hers, not even half I don't think.   Lunch came and I did the same thing i was doing for a while, a tomato, basil pizza on naan bread, kinda like pita but lighter.  We had that and it was very satisfying.  Since there is so much juice left, I will probably have that while everyone else is eating ribs tonight for dinner, gosh is sucks some times being on a diet.

I am refraining from much exercise today, since my knees are hurting.  I will however get on the treadmill after dinner while football is on and see how far I can go, putting the knee braces on , hoping for a mile this time.  I will get Athena to do her exercise then too.  Maybe it will help me sleep better.

As for the project of organizing my computer room, I have slowly and I stress slowly started it.  I had ordered a couple or organizing bins from Walmart and they won't be in until like Monday or Tuesday, then I can get in and clear my desk, that is the worst of all.  That is was stresses me the most.  So later tonight and tomorrow, I am gonna work on the stuff on the floor and near the printer for now.  One baby step at a time right.  I love your ideas, keep them coming.

Well tata for now, got to go start dinner for everyone else, this sucks too!  Until the Wind blows this way again, I will look forward to your comments.  One less stress  I finally took and posted the pictures.



  1. I don't notice much protein in your diet...that is important. Also you don't want to put your body into starvation mode...count your calories to make sure you are at least getting 1000 - 1200 calories for you and not sure what a 10 year old should be getting. Good job doing the exercising and watching what you eat.

  2. Great job.. I myself am starting my Adkins again on Monday. Dreading it, but seems to be the only thing I can stick to. Good Luck & I will check back on yur progress.. You can do it :)