Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 For some reason, Christmas eve night while making cookies, I had to ask Matthew to come help me, I just couldn't do it anymore.  My back was aching and seizing up.  By 130am, I was done!  Off to take a hot bath then hubby put some icy hot on my back and off to bed.  When I heard an alarm go off at 630am, I swore, I was gonna kill a   Well I heard snickering and whispering going on for a couple of hours longer till finally they dogs were like, if the kids are up maybe we should be up and started jumping on the  Kids went crazy as every, could not wait to rip into everything, before you know it, it was already 11:15 and dinner still had not been started.  My back was still aching bad, my dad called and said they would come early so his girlfriend could help me.

 My dinner turned at really good this year.  Although it was a bit late hitting the table, food was good and we ate well. We got everything put away after dinner, I gave the kids dish duty and off to the tub I went.  I was hurting really bad.  Bath didn't help much, so a muscle relaxer was in order..., that was at 730pm last night.  I got up at 230 this   It helped some, my son rubbed my back and I passed out.   I have the best husband in the world I think anyway!   He told me to go to bed and he handled the kids the rest of the night and I remember nothing, except someone kept coming to check to see if I was still  

Well Christmas has come and gone, they kids for the most part are happy with what Santa brought them.   I get things like well that wasn't on my list or I put so and so on my list and didn't get it.  Well you know as parents we try to do the best we can, sometimes it seems like some are never satisfied, but in the end, all I can tell them is you should be happy with what you got because there are some kids out there that don't even have roofs over their heads or food in their tummies, let alone all the toys you got for Christmas!   

Some people have told me my kids are spoiled, and I have to say yes in some ways they are!  But at the same time I always told myself that if I ever had kids I wanted to be able to give them everything they wanted and needed cause I sometimes did not have that growing up.  I also use the things my kids have as learning tools, meaning if they don't do their chores or schoolwork, they have those same things that they can loose the privilege to have.  I am blessed in this life to give me kids the things they want as long as I approve of said things that is.

Well the new year is fast approaching, 5 days left in 2012 and then my new start on life begins!  I will go Wherever the Wind May Blow!, hopefully in the direction of something good~~

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! One of my goals is to get back to writing on a regular basis. Looking forward to following along!!