Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1st 2013, Start of a New Year and Start of a new beginning , Time to ORGANIZE!!!

OK so I feel a little scared right now!  As you can see from the pictures, I have a huge mess and a lot of work to do!  Where to begin, where to begin?????  Any ideas and suggestions gladly appreciated!  OK, so this is what we call the computer room.  Its where my husband and my desk and also the baby, (better known as Athena the 6yr old).  We have the small fridge, our Keurig coffee lifesaver. And all electronic and books needed for homeschooling.  Thank God the other 3 kids are not in here anymore, cause it was even more cluttered then.   I have ordered 2 organizers that I found on Pinterest, but they will not be here till later this week or early part of next week, that's OK, I think it will take me that long just to decompress it all.   I love having a clean desk, however the kids are always bringing me things and somehow they never make it off my desk.  I want to create an in/out box and some sort of hanging folder system for the kids, but not sure how I want to do all that.   I need to have a place for just my books, not mixed in with the kids.  Oh and a place strictly for school supplies.   We are using an old extra desk for the fridge and coffee stuff, I think we really need a better set up for that some how.

Well if you have any ideas let me know.  Today is January 1st, I am at least going to start getting rid of some of the paper clutter today,  There are no football games I want to watch so after our wonderful New Years traditional dinner of Prime Rib, Potato and Salad, I will be back up here chipping away, one section at a time.   I will post pics of my progress as I go.  I would gladly love links to pictures of anything you think might help as well.

Starting tomorrow, the baby and I start our other new years task, trying to loose weight.  Later tonight, I am going to get weigh In's and some measurements as well as pictures.  I will post those tomorrow.  This is the best way I can figure out to be help accountable to what I want to do.  Something else I noticed and now makes me scared, pictures say allot!!!   I didn't realize how bad this computer room looked until I took the pictures last night, now it makes me afraid about posting the pictures of myself, but it has to be done, for the better, of my health and for baby girls!!   I want to rid myself of all the pills I have to take for pain, cholesterol, and diabetes too!!

So good bye for now, I look forward to hearing from you all!  Oh and by the way, HAPPY 2013 NEW YEAR!!!!!  It feels like this could be the best one yet!!


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  1. Micah first off all I can say is WOW! And I would be overwhelmed too. Because I know how I get when I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start I have found I make a list of everything that needs to be done in each room. I break it down to the smallest items. For example "clean out the paper work clutter" would become 1. Mom's desk ~ clean out #x drawers, clean off top of desk - this includes shredding of old personal papers, throwing out all broken pencils, pens and crayons, organize desk top items (paperclips, erasers, pens, highlighters, etc.

    I am a list maker and doer...it helps me tons to see what all I have accomplished.

    The other thing I do when I have a big project is work for "15 minutes" or whatever time limit per day and stick to that at least for a minimum...if I do more great, if not, that is okay too as long as I do my time :)